School: Rathfeigh (roll number 10281)

Rathfeigh, Co. Meath
Mrs Rose Madden

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Rathfeigh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0686, Page 297

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Altúghadh taréis Bídh

Moladh do Dhia nach gann.
Moladh gach am do'n Rígh
Moladh do Íosa Críost,
Ar son a raibh againn de'n bhiadh

Ofráil na Maidne
Gach nidh ar do son-sa a Íosa
Thug anam is intinn dúinn
Gach nidh ar do son-sa a Íosa,
Gach focal gach gníomh gach dhúil.

Brighid agus a brat, Muire agus a Mac
Eadarainn agus gach uile h-olc


Long ago the houses were not so good as they are now. The walls were made of mud and the roofs were make of thatch and sometimes rushes. The thatch roof was made of straw which was got in the corn-field.
Nearly every house long ago had a bed in the kitchen and it was placed against the wall. The bed was called a settle bed. In some houses there was no fire-place and they had to light a fire out-side to

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