School: Whitecross, Julianstown (roll number 3380)

Whitecross, Co. Meath
Criostóir Breathnach

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Whitecross, Julianstown | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 262

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When St Patrick was on his way from Down to Tara to the palace of the High King he landed at the mouth of the Delvin which flows into the sea at Gormanstown. He left his boats at the mouth of the river and he himself continued his journey up along the banks. He built a church in the valley. He remained there some time and then set out for Tara again. This time he sent his boats by sea and he himself went by land along the sea coast. In the woods of Mosney he met Benignus son of Dicho. Benignus fell down at the Saint's feet and begged him to take him with him. St Patrick baptized him in a well beside the railway that is now known as St Patrick's well. Ben Head between Laytown and Gormanstown was called after St. Benignus.
When St. Patrick was crossing the River Nanny he saw some fishermen fishing and he asked them for some fish. They told him they had none, he cursed them and told them they would never have any, with the result that no salmon ever came up the mouth of the Nanny.
Continueing his journey St Patrick came to the mouth of the Colpe, a small river that enters the

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