School: Ardcath (roll number 1903)

Ardcath, Co. Meath
Seosamh S. Ó Duinnithín

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Ardcath | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0685, Page 091

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as rent or anything whatever in lieu of rent was ever paid for said ground not was any ever claimed for same by the said Wm. Dillon whose estate said ground had been.
The said Sir Wm. died in 1802 unmarried and without issue leaving Gerald Dillon and Richard Dillon who are brothers his cousins germaine and said Gerald clained to be entitled to the estates whereof said Wm. Dillon died deceased and possessed as heirs at law of said William and said Richard Dillon claimed to be entitled thereto under a will by him alleged by him to have been duly made and published by the said Sir Wm. Dillon, and said claims were afterwards as is supposed [?] by compromise and said Gerald Dillon is now in possession of lands of Manningstown and of the other estates thereof said Sir Wm. Dillon died.
On front of the said Chapel is the street of the Village of Ardcath and the rear ?? walk joins or is built in the Church grounds of said Church and the R. C. parishoners have lately with the consent of the Minister and Protestant parishoners in said Parish built an addition to the said chapel in the Churchyard.
Nowithstanding the said addition the Chapel is still too small for the congregation who restort [?] and in the month of February last (1807) the said Nicholas Arnold did at the request of the said John Leonard recommend it to 15 or 16 of the parishoners who had contributed most money towards building the said addition to erect a gallery therein at their own expense and for the use of their families in order

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James J. Dunican