School: Yellow Furze

Yellow Furze, Co. Meath
Síle, Bean Uí Leamhain

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0684, Page 273

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Sometimes we looked on the Kearneys with envy, but more often still we mentally thanked Fate that they, not ourselves occupied that "gentle" house at the foot of Kicarne Hill, a half mile or so from the Johnstown school, where with youthful eyes dilated with wonder, and mouth agape with awe we listened (more attentively than we were wont to attend to the teacher's words I fear) to the hair raising stories of the antics of the wee people who had their home in the great rath (still to be seen in front of this house.)
Mother's thimble was lost last night - taken from underneath her nose and eyes - and then discovered where it was, where she left it, and where it was not a few minutes before. Her "finding" of it was the signal of a merry burst of fairy laughter from some other part of the house.
At other times the cake on the griddle was turned by unseen hands at the right moment, while oftener still members of the "gentle people" neither usefully no humourously inclined, would mischeivously bang doors "all through the night."
Credulous as we were at that time of our lives we would be inclined to take all this with a grain of salt had not the two succeeding families who occupied that storied house found that there were more within those walls

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May Fennelly