School: Yellow Furze

Yellow Furze, Co. Meath
Síle, Bean Uí Leamhain

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Yellow Furze | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0684, Page 243

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amunition of the boys who were "on the run".
There is a lone bush a couple of hundred yards away and it is said that there was an emergency entrance under it.

V. Quinn.
Miss Donnelly's Stories.

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This is Stanley Hill.

This is Stanley Hill.
These trees mark the resting place of poor people who died from Cholera. There was a Hospital beside this hill for the treatment of the victims of the dread disease. The trees were planted there so that it would not be dug up in after years.

The same circumstances surround the place called Coyle's Wood on Stackallen Road. Trees mark the burial place of the Cholera victims and guard them from interference.
At this place in Rosnaree, there was a ford across the Boyne in old times.

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Eileen Bruton