School: Duleek (B.) (roll number 6554)

Duleek, Co. Meath
Micheál Ó Braonáin

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Local Heroes - Collier the Robber

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0682, Page 200

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Local Heroes - Collier the Robber

Collier, the Robber, was a native of the Hill of Bellewstown. When he grew up to manhood, he was a robber. He was brave and strong. He would rob the landlord and agent and give the money to the poor people. One time he was cauht and put in jail in Trim. The jail is along the Boyne.
When he was in jail he had something that would cut iron and he cut the bars and tore the blankets and sheets that were under him and tied them together and then tied them to one of the bars. Then he slid down the rope he had made until he was far enough to jump into the Boyne. Then he swam across the river and escaped.
Onetime he made a good lot of men with sticks and he made their heads with turnips and put guns in their hands and when the mail-coach was passing he walked out on the road and held it up. The people in the mail-coach thought the things along the ditch were men and they gave up all they had to Collier.
Another time he saw a man going with the rent. He held him up and robbed him. When the man went home his wife asked him what did he do with the rent, did he go with the rent at all or did he gallop on the horse. Then he told her that he was robbed by Collier. They were very poor and they had not a bit to eat in the house. They were cursing

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