School: Collon (roll number 14579)

Collon, Co. Louth
Bean Uí Mhathúna

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Collon | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0676, Page 298

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drank their soup out of noggins. These were made of wood, and shaped much like a mug, but had no handle.

Holly is hung up in every house on Christmas Eve, and left there until pancake night, when it is taken down and put on the fire while the pancakes are baking.
Crosses are made from rushes on St Brigid's Eve, and hung over the door of every house, and out-house, Crosses were also worn on St Patricks day, made from paper and green ribbon.
On Palm Sunday palm was fastened over the head of every bed in each house, and left so until that day the following

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Eithne Watters