School: Collon (roll number 14579)

Collon, Co. Louth
Bean Uí Mhathúna

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0676, Page 277

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There is a graveyard in Michelstown in Co. Meath and underneath the wall of it there as a pagans grave. In the grave was the skeleton of a pagan His head was as big as a pot, and every thoot in his head was as good as the day he died, and as white as snow. His shin bones were three or four feet long, and altogether he would have been nine feet high. But these bones are no longer there, they were taken away some years ago.
People from this village are still buried in that graveyard.

Collon graveyard is situated on Kells Road and is adjoined to the Protestant burial ground. It is a very old graveyard, the oldest headstone there dating back to 1710. There are beech and oak trees growing on the north east and

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Kitty Halpin
Collon, Co. Louth