School: Collon (roll number 14579)

Collon, Co. Louth
Bean Uí Mhathúna

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0676, Page 237

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There was and is a Newtown, Grange a thatcher named Peter Drumm. He gets very little work now as most of the houses are slated. Another one is in Tullyallen, Drogheda, named Ned Reilly and he does the thatching in this district still. Lace is made by Mrs. W. Doggett, Grangegeeth and some of the pieces are very much prized.

The rush was the general form of light. It was cut and seasoned and the outer bark stripped off except for about an inch at both ends. It was then steeped in resin or lard and gave off a poor light. Up to about ten years ago this form of light was the only kind used by an old man called Crinion who lived at Grange.
Another craft was nail-making. This

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Peggy O' Reilly
Drogheda Road, Co. Louth