School: Collon (roll number 14579)

Collon, Co. Louth
Bean Uí Mhathúna

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0676, Page 195

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Another cure is to give the milk which the ferret leaves after it when drinking, to the person who has the whooping cough. Another still is to give some of the moss that grows on Monasterboice Cross, and boil it on milk, and give the milk to the person to drink.
If a person, is very bad with a pain, gather some of that creeper called, "Robin run the hedge" and boil it on some milk, and give it to the person to drink, and it will cure him.
St Patricks Leaf is the cure of a sore, one side of it draws and the other side heals.

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For a cold they boiled garlic or flaxeed and it was taken hot.

For a cold they boiled garlic or flaxseed and it was taken hot.
Another was for whooping cough. A

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Peggy O' Reilly
Drogheda Road, Co. Louth