School: Dromin, Dunleer (roll number 6576)

Dromin, Co. Louth
S. Ó Cathaláin

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Dromin, Dunleer | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0669, Page 043

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What is it that can go up the chimney down, and wont come down the chimney up?
An umbrella.
Why does a hen pick a pot?
Because she can't lick it,
My father give me seed to sow the seed was black and the ground was white riddle me that and I will give you a pint?
Paper and Ink.
How many feet has forty sheep the shephard and his dog?
Two Americans sat on a bridge and one was the father of the other's son, what relation were they?
Husband and Wife.
A wooden back and a wooden belly, two leather aides, a hole and a brass nose, and that is the sine of cold weather?
A bellows.
In and out like a trout sugary, wet, and grasy?
Your tongue.
What is the centre of gravity?
The letter.
If your nose was twelve inches long what would it be?
A foot.
Little red Nancy stands by the wall she eats all I give her and drinks none at all? A fire.

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