School: Dromin, Dunleer (roll number 6576)

Dromin, Co. Louth
S. Ó Cathaláin

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Dromin, Dunleer | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0669, Page 021

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Last year a lot of men were working along the road at Colman's between Dromin and Ardee. When Mr Carolan was digging he saw a box but he did not pass any remarks of it. Mat Finnity who was keeping the men working saw the box and he went over and lifted it out, and opened it. There was a pound and a rusty six-pence in the box.
Winnie Mac Shane,

Winnie Mac Shane
Ballymageragh, Co. Louth

A Ghost Story
There was a man one time and he went into his neighbours house to play cards. When they were a while playing a knock came to the door. Then someone went to the door and let him in. The people kept on playing and after a while he asked for a hand. When he was a while playing the neighbour said he was going home, the ghost said to wait for another while. Then man played for another while and then he went out on the lane when he got out he shut the gate after him and the ghost went though the gate. In front of the gate there was a river and the ghost threw himself into it and he was drowned.
Mrs Halpenny,