School: Stonetown, Louth (roll number 16431)

Stonetown Lower, Co. Louth
P. Ó Dubháin

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The Care Dowdall in Finn

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0668, Page 290

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(Written by Oweny Pepper of Stonetown, following a law case between James Dowdall of Rutate and John Finn of Corcreaghy)

Ye boys of Erin's nation, of every rank and station.
I claim your kind attention to those verses you shall hear.
'Twas all about some perjury that happened in this country
Amongst the cursed Souper Wats as you shall quickly hear.
The first of this disturbance, boys, 'twas Souper Jem that caused the noise,
One Sunday in Corcreaghy I think it did begin.
A lot of boys got on the beer, and Jem at thems began to jeer,
When I b'lieve he was upsetted by a boy called Jacky Finn.
Next day he went to Figats, boys, and he dictated all the noise,
He swore on the blessed Book of God they did him nearly kill,
And likewise also he did swear they were a lot of party-men,
And that their whole intention was his choicest blood to spill.
Then Filgate on his chair he sat, and said: "I'll punish Finn for that.
A month in Dundalk jail you'll get, you are a wicked boy,
And if you are brought here again by any of Wat Dowdall's clan,
I'll make you an example to the boys of Co. Louth."

Pat Murphy
Stonetown Lower, Co. Louth