School: Stonetown, Louth (roll number 16431)

Stonetown Lower, Co. Louth
P. Ó Dubháin

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Local Fairs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0668, Page 266

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A fair is held once a month in Dundalk and Carrickmacross and twice a month in Ardee. Buyers or "jobbers" as they are locally called, often buy cattle at farmers' houses. About 40 years ago, monthly fairs were held on Mullacrew hill and later in Louth. The former was a noted one and people from all parts assembled there,- but on account of the fact that there was no railway there to carry stock, it was no longer held. The Louth fair was dis-continued for the same reason. Carrickmacross is the only local town in which animals are sold on the street. Both Dundalk and Ardee have special fair-grounds or fair-greens as they are called. Formerly, toll was paid on animals entering the fairs but, that is done at all now. A shilling or two is always given back to the buyer for luck and it is called a "luck penny". When a bargain is made, agreement is showed by striking hands. In olden time, when cattle were sold, they were marked with dirt, o but now a red x is put on with "keel". When horses are sold, the halter is always given away, to lead the animal home.