School: Stonetown, Louth (roll number 16431)

Stonetown Lower, Co. Louth
P. Ó Dubháin

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Stonetown, Louth | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0668, Page 261

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day when the woman of the house was churning she noticed the dash was very heavy and hard to work. After a short time the lid was burst open with butter. At this sight she was amazed and frightened and something was telling her to burn the cord - which she did. When each knot was burning it made terrible shots, and blew the fire off the hearth. After that the churning became natural again.

All the potatoes sown in this district are now sown in drills except in very rare cases, ridges are made in very small cottage gardens. In early Winter, the ground is ploughed with an ordinary single plough and remains untotched till early Spring. About the begining of March it is cross-ploughed and cultivated with an iron spring tooth cultivator and then harrowed with an ordinary wooden harrow or perhaps an iron one. The scutch is then gathered if necessary and if the ground is lumpy, a heavy wooden plank or an old stable door is drawn over it to break the lumps.

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