School: Stonetown, Louth (roll number 16431)

Stonetown Lower, Co. Louth
P. Ó Dubháin

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Stonetown, Louth | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0668, Page 258

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Long ago,- a road, on which the mail coach used to travel, led from Sandfield to Lannet, via Corcreaghy. This road was afterwards called the "Gibbet hill" - on account of De Van being gibbited there.

During the famine times a lane about fifty perches long was cut to a depth of about fiftenn feet in Thulla mhór hill. A man named Mc Keown who lived where Cambpells cottage garden is now, was the contractor and he paid 4d per day to his men.
The same wages were paid to men who sank the river Glyde in the famine times.
A mass path leg from Drumgowna to Stonetown church.

Farmers say that "Presha" faraban and scutch are bad weeds. Presha is the worst because it spreads rapidly and sometimes when it grows ahead of young corn,- it smothers the crop.
A weed called "boltran" has a yellow blossom and grows only on good land.
"Fóran, dalkins and comfree" are sometimes

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