School: Stonetown, Louth (roll number 16431)

Stonetown Lower, Co. Louth
P. Ó Dubháin

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Local Superstitions, Beliefs etc

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0668, Page 208

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Collected by the schoolchildren- within a 2 1/2 mile radius of school.

New Year's Day observances: People in years gone by never threw out ashes or dust, dirty water; never cleaned out stables or byres, never spent money on that day; lest by doing so they may be parting with a year's good luck. Anything -taken in- that day was not taken or thrown -out- again till next day.
Xmas Night: Light candles as a mark of honour and respect to the Blessed Virgin and her Child. Doors are unlocked and unbolted lest perhaps any homeless person may come the way and be able to secure a night's shelter.
It was/is also believed that the ox and the ass always kneel at 12 o'c on Xmas night.
The Cuckoo: If one hears the cuckoo for the -first- time fasting, that person will be dead before 12 months. Seeing the first cuckoo, swallow, honeybee, first new potato, new mown hay etc etc, people say "Glory be to God (or Thank God) I lived so long to see it."
Swallow tradition- It is considered to be a lucky omen when swallows build in one's barn or shed. Robbing or interfering with a swallow's nest brings illness or other misfortune to the person who so interferes.

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