School: Tallanstown (roll number 2746)

Tallonstown, Co. Louth
E. Mac Gráinnne
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0667, Page 133

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0667, Page 133

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  1. Two of the games I play are "Towns and Counties" and "There was an old woman in Artree".
    Towns and Counties are played like this. Some girls gather together and the two biggest girls pick the girls for each of their own sides.
    Each party of girls depart from other and both think of a town or a county and one of the parties tell a story on the town of which they were after thinking of to the other girls and if the other girls could think off the town they were to run after the party of girls who told the story.
    If they could catch any of the girls they would have to go the their side.
    The game would be played until one side would have all the girls.
    There was an old woman in Artree, is played like this. A ring of girls is formed and there is a big girl to be the leader.
    The leading girl starts going round and all the other girls follow her.
    First the old woman was supposed to be very proud and all the girls went round in a ring mocking her.
    Next she was a teacher, a teacher, a teacher. Next she was a teacher and this is the way she went. The ring of girls starts clapping their hands
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    Katty Mc Eneaney
    Tallonstown, Co. Louth