School: Dromiskin (B.), Dundalk (roll number 837)

Dromiskin, Co. Louth
Jas. Morgan

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Milltown Castle

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0666, Page 027

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Milltown Castle.
About a mile to the North West of Dromiskin is the quaint little halmet called Milltown. It derives it's name from the fact that at one time there was a mill for grinding corn in it, on the old Milltown River which flows close to the village. In Milltown forge there is an old grindstone which tradition tells us belonged to the old mill. The grindstone is the only evidence of the old mill as it has long since been demolished.
The mill is not the only historic thing in Milltown because standing in the centre of the village is a large castle. This castle is known

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