School: Dromiskin (B.), Dundalk (roll number 837)

Dromiskin, Co. Louth
James Morgan

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St Ronan's Well

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0665, Page 440

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On the farm of Mr James Dullaghan, Model Farm, Dromiskin, in the townland of Dromiskin, there is a well known as Tobar Rónain or St Ronan's Well. St Ronan was the 2nd Abbot of Dromiskin Monastery. The well does not occupy its original setting which was in a bog; for when the bog was cut away, the spring losing its hemming banks is said to have broken out in another direction though Mr Dullaghan tells a traditional story of its overnight change of position from one field to another due to the fact that an irreligious woman used the well in washing filthy clothing.

It is generally accepted locally that there was a pilgrimage to this well long ago though one can obtain nothing authentic in this reference from any source save this. Dullaghan's farm or at least that part of it in which the well is situated was previously owned by Mr Mat Grimes,(?) Dromleck, who "married into it", his wife being a Miss Ginnetty. She is still living being about sixty-five years of age. Her father was a Mat Ginnetty and is deceased over fifty years. She states that when she was a little girl she often heard her father speak of having seen the field in which the well stood, thronged with pilgrims with priests hearing confessions and giving Communion in one corner of it. She thinks, but is not quite sure, that she heard her father say that the pilgrimage to St Ronan's well was on the 15th August and that many cures were wrought there.