School: Louth (C.) (roll number 3252)

Louth, Co. Louth
M. Ní Chasaide

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Louth (C.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0665, Page 183

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When soot falls there will be rain. When the wild geese are flying high towards the sea that is a sign that there will be a storm of wind. When the seagulls are seen on land that is a sign that there is a storm at sea, and if the robin or the thrush come towards the house there will be snow. If the weather in February is good all the other months will be bad.
When the sun sets in a rosy sky in the west we will have good weather the next day. If the clouds are scattered in the sky there will be rain.
A rainbow is the sign of a light shower, if a rainbow reaches from horizon to horizon there will be a death in the townland or district.
A rainbow in the morning is the shepherds warning.
A rainbow at night is the sailors delight.
If there is a circle around the moon there will be rain. It is said that when a star falls a soul

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Cecilia Ryan
Louth, Co. Louth