School: Dulargy (roll number 13670)

Doolargy, Co. Louth
James Mc Creesh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0660, Page 040

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0660, Page 040

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    white calf grazing in the field. This will do as a horse for him, said the fairy. Well Larry was mounted and the calf easily kept up with the galloping horses. Across by the Cadger's pass they when and the horses jumped from rock to rock, the calf easily did the same and so on till they reached O'Meath.
    What was Larry's astonishment when he saw them all heading for the strand and each horse gave a leap and landed in Warrenpoint. Larry's calf did likewise and immediately on landing Larry swore an oath "By the Eternal -". I never saw a finer leap in my life. Within a second all his friends disappeared and Larry stood in the centre of Warrenpoint holding on to his calf. Well he could not get the calf to come back in the same way so he had to trudge with his calf round by Newry and home to the Deerpark, (20 miles) so that was his punishment for swearing.
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  2. According to Michael Doherty of Ballymacallet a little mound on the hillside has its own particular watch dog. This dog is only to be seen on Hallow-Eve. He sits on a flag guarding a crock of gold and the person who sees him is to try his luck and hit the dog with a sod of earth between the two eyes. If he succeeds
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    Michael Doherty
    Ballymakellett, Co. Louth