School: Dulargy (roll number 13670)

Doolargy, Co. Louth
James Mc Creesh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0660, Page 005

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0660, Page 005

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  1. Baile Mhic Scanlon
    The home of the Scanlon chief. His home was taken over by the Cromwellian planters. No trace of the original mansion remains.
    In 1798 A.D this mansion was occupied by Wolfe Mac Neill who was leader of the yoemen and who was a great tyrant. He had a triangle set up on the lawn to which was attached the whipping post. Many victims were imprisoned in a kind of barrack which lay close to the present day gate entrance. The last victim was a woman from Doolargy (Rice by name) and the public flogger (Carr of Proleek) refused to act for which he was dismissed.
    This tyrant dropped dead on the lawn beside the house and workmen still point out the spot. He was interred in the churchyard close by and the tradition says "Grass never grew on his grave" His spirit is said to have annoyed the owners of the mansion later and that it was enclosed in a bottle and built into the foundations of the bridge.
    This bridge was blown up in 1923 but there is no tradition of his spirit reappearing. However the spot where the bottle rested may have escaped destruction.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Ballymascanlan, Co. Louth