School: Carlingford (3.) (roll number 11666)

Carlingford, Co. Louth
D. Armstrong

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Carlingford Volcano

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0657, Page 163

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On the southern side of Carlingford there is a range of mountains running by the sea ending at Slieve Foy. This mountain was long ago the site of a volcano about the size of Vesuvius, and overlooks Carlingford Bay just as Vesuvius overlooks the Bay of Naples. This volcano may again become active any time. At the foot of the mountain Carlingford is situated, but long ago it was where the waters of Carlingford Lough now are, which was then a large glen. The old city of Carlingford was situated on the banks of a pool of fresh water and known as Cahir Linn or the City of the Pool. On one altar in the temple there burned a sacred fire which was lit from the crater on the Fire Mountain of Slieve Foy was then called. The chief priestess was Aete only daughter of King Carolan. A great champion named Colla came to worship at the shrine. He fell in love with Aete and they eloped. They were caught and taken back and imprisoned in the volcano. They endured great suffering and were burned to death in the volcano. The internal fires opened an enormous mouth under the bed of the Irish Sea. The result was an enormous tidal wave rushed across the earthen barrier and flooded over the fire destroyed Caher Linn burying it beneath its waves.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson