School: Querrin

Querrin, Co. Clare
Dónall Ó Laoidhléis
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0632, Page 68

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0632, Page 68

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  3. XML “A Story about a Ghost Appearing in a Form of a Dog”

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  1. About a hundred years ago a man lived in Querrin. He lived a few fields in from the public road. One day he went to Kilrush riding on a horse and his dog went with him. It was about twelve o'clock when he started for home. As he came near the place where Mr. Falvey's place is now a hound with a lot of chains jumped of the ditch and followed the man, but the whistled for his dog, and the dog and the ghost had a fight. When the man was at Mr. Connell's cross he heard his own dog screaming, the man knew then that his own dog was killed. After a while he heard the ghost screaming. When the man was at Harvey's house he heard the ghost screaming again. Then the man took a short cut to his own his house, and the
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    Agnes Mc Mahon
    Querrin, Co. Clare
    Mrs K. Mc Mahon
    Querrin, Co. Clare