School: Mullach, Sráid na Cathrach (roll number 3928)

Mullagh, Co. Clare
Proinnsias Ó Sandair

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Leigheasanna Eile ó na Scoláirí

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0624, Page 079

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The blood of a black cat is a cure for ringworm and "St. Anthony's Fire".
A mixture of caisearbhan and pearl barley boiled together is a cure for kidney trouble.
Poplar leaves and sweet oil boiled together is a remedy for back-ache.
To boil dandelion and drink the juice is a cure for colds.
To rub the quill of a March Cock to a sore tooth is a cure for a toothache.
Another cure for Chincough is to go to a river which runs east early in the morning before the sun rises and drink the river water three times and take a bottle of it home to drink.
The sting from a bee is cured by rubbing the "blue-bag" to it.
A person who licked an "Ard Luachra" can cure a burn by licking it.
To cure a bleeding nose place something cold to the nape of the neck or bathe the bridge of the nose with cold water or chew a wad of paper briskly.
If a calf had gripe or the "Ruathar Paste" and to make a knot with a piece of tape and loosen it over him three times in the name of the

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Proinnsias Ó Sandair