School: Lahinch (roll number 11591)

Lehinch, Co. Clare
Dónall Ó Ríordáin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0621, Page 375

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There was a man in the village of Lahinch one time whose name was Tom Clancy.

There was a man living in the village of Lahinch one time whose name was Tom Clancy. He was one of the great scholars of the time. When he was young he had a great love for learning. His father wanted to keep him at home, because he was an only son, but Tom would not stay, so he went away to Denmark, and he learned a subject called the Black Art. Tom Clancy was a Free Mason
When he came home from Denmark his father and all the neighbours said he knew nothing, so he wanted to show them that he did.
One night there was a dance at a house in Lahinch, and Tom wrote some magical words on a slip of paper, and he stuck it under the thatch of the house where the dance was to be held. After a while the boys got up to dance and when they tried to stop they couldn't. After a while one man would get up to make the peace, but after a while he would be dancing too. At last someone went in for Tom Clancy's father. He came out thinking to make the peace without delay, but no sooner had he entered the house when he too was dancing.

Michael Finucane
Moymore South, Co. Clare