School: Lahinch (roll number 11591)

Lehinch, Co. Clare
Dónall Ó Ríordáin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0621, Page 332

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There was a highway robber one time whose name was Delaney.

There was a highway robber one time whose name was Delaney. This man never robbed poor people, but he always robbed rich people. There was a price laid on his head, and the one that would get it would get a reward of ?8000.
One night when Delaney was on the run he came into Lahinch. There was a man living in the village whose name was Michael Mack, and he took Delaney as a servant. Delaney worked at Mack's for a long time, but he was unknown.
During all this time a man named Shawn O' Cuinnín volunteered to go and search for the highway robber. The king gave Shawn about 20 men to helo him. After a week's travelling Shawn came to Lahinch. It was garland Sunday, and there were some men throwing a weight in the street. Shawn O'Cuinnín caught the weight, and he threw it farther than any other man.
That evening Delaney came out and he threw the weight farther than Shawn O'Cuinnín.
The next day Shawn O'Cuinnín heard that his mark was beaten, and he knew that it was Delaney that beat it.
Delaney heard that Shawn O'Cuinnín was in his track, and he stole away by

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Michael Egan
Tullygarvan West, Co. Clare