School: Lahinch (roll number 11591)

Lehinch, Co. Clare
Dónall Ó Ríordáin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0621, Page 327

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There was a man one time whose name was Turlough Mac Stairn.

There was a man one time whose name was Turlough Mac Stairn. This man earned his money by fighting, and the side he would join in with would pay him something at the end of the war. Turlough became famous because the side he would join in battle was always sure to win. After each battle he would go in service to some lord, and when he would hear of another war he would be off again.
One time he was in service with some lord, and one evening he was driving calves to a grove he was surprised to see a beautiful lady and ten young ladies after her. Turlough fell in love with the lady immediately and he made up his mind to follow her to wherever she was going.
The next day Turlough set out , and he started in the direction of Dublin. When he arrived in Dublin someone told him that all the Tuata De Dananns, Fir Bolgs, and all the Fionns were going to be in Dublin to-day. Turlough went around looking for the girl and to his delight he got her amongst the Tuata De Dananns.
After a while Turlough and the lady got married and soon after that they made up their minds to go to Holland. On their journey to Holland they met a man called Marnan. This man had a ship and Turlough and his wife made the rest of the journey

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Michael Finucane
Moymore South, Co. Clare