School: Cathair Seircín, Inis Tíomáin (roll number 5186)

Cahersherkin, Co. Clare
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 355

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0620, Page 355

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  2. Pisherogues
    Many pisherogues aare very much practised during Christmas .On Christmas Eve people remain up until mid night and the whole family joins in a certain devotion at that hour.No one throws out dirty water ,because it is said ,that all the water is turned into wine three times that night.On New Year's Eve everyone remains up to hear the bells ringing out the old year and ringing in the New Year.If the wind blows from the east on that night it is believed that England will have the victory ,and if it is from the west it blows Ireland will have the victory for the year.The man of the house gets up first on New Year's Day and when the household is up he comes in and wishes a happy New Year.
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