School: Killinaboy (roll number 12557)

Killinaboy, Co. Clare
Donncha Ó Céilleachair

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A Funny Story

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0614, Page 267

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A funny story
A very long time ago there lived a widow and her son, and he was a fool. One day he took his hurley and off he went through the fields. On his way he met a dead rabbit which was covered with flies. He hit it a clobar of his hurley and killed all the flies with one blow. When he went home he got a belt and printed on it "Able to kill a hundred with one blow".
Another day when he was fooling around he saw a tall stone. He came near it and looked up at is saying "Are you my father?" getting no reply he hit it a welt of his hurley, and knocked it down. Under it he found a pot of gold, and he says to himself these "schilloges will level the legs of the table for my mother as there are three of them short. When the mother saw the gold, she knew the value of it. She told her son it was time for him to get married. She then set off to get a wife for him and a priest to marry them. Before she left, she put a goose roasting in the oven and told him to mind it. While the son was looking after it he put his finger on it and got burnt. Up goes his finger in mouth and he found that it tasted very nice. "Begor" says he I will eat my own quarter now. Not being satisfied with it he said to his mother would not grudge him her part and that the wife must be a divil if she says anything. He swallowed the three pieces of the goose and left the priest's bit in the oven.

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Crossard, Co. Clare
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Crossard, Co. Clare