School: Synge, Inagh (roll number 14440)

Glennageer, Co. Clare
Máirtín Flynn

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Synge, Inagh | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0612, Page 323

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sports of the season with a chorus of bagpipes and a moneen dance.
On St Patrick's Day all went there to drink Pota Patrick, or Patricks pot of good old poteen whiskey and Beoir Márta (or March beer)
Domnach Lunasa, or Lammas Sunday, the first Sunday of the Month of August, was the first - fruits day, and a great day on Buaile na Greine. On Laammas Sunday, called Domnach Crom Dubh, and anglicised Garland Sunday every household was supposed to feast his family and household on the first fruits, and the farmer who failed to provide his people with new potatoes, new bacon, and white cabbage on that day, was called a Felemair Gaoithe, or wind farmer, and if a man dug new potatoes before Crom Dubh's Day he was considered a needy man, and hence this Sunday was called first - fruits Sunday.
On this day all went to Buaile na Greine with their contribution and their lons (or food supplies) to hold the fair.
The ceremonies consisted of strewing summer flowers on the altar and festive mound, of which we have been speaking up to this, under the name of Altóir na

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Liam O' Looney