School: Pitfield, Inis (roll number 11091)

Cloondrinagh, Co. Clare
Tomás Ó Maonaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0606, Page 131

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0606, Page 131

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  1. In the Autumn of the year 1875 a great rainstorm swept over the country. All the h-Ínsí and low-lying fields beside the Abhann Sliabh were covered over with water, and great havoc was caused otherwise.
    A man named John Griffin - son of the James Griffin who was rescued from the Ship Edmund in Kilkee perished in this great flood.
    In the evening he went out to save some sheep who were in danger of being drowned.
    The flood was so high that at the turn of the river between Brownes place and Quinlivans place it did not keep its course but swept straight down across the land, and just at that time Griffin was saving the sheep which were just beside the river.
    The flood came behind him and threw him into the river and swept him across to the other side. He caught hold of a bush and two men - Lot Keane and Martin Moran who were in the neighbouring
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    1. processes and phenomena
      1. rain and floods (~124)
    Susan Browne
    Cappanageeragh, Co. Clare