School: Cahermurphy, Cill Mhichíl (roll number 15327)

Cahermurphy, Co. Clare
Séamus Ó Laoighléis

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0602, Page 187

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There are many places in Ireland which old stories are told about. There is a lonely road at the western side of the village of Kilmihil, and it is said that a woman with red hair is seen there by night after twelve o'clock, and that if a person was on horse back that she would ride behind him, and squeeze him to death.
Once a very brave man went to see her and carried with him a knife. When he approached this old road he saw the woman and she jumped up behind him. Then he took the knife out of his pocket and stuck her with it, and she cried out, "pull it and stick it again," but the man did not do so. Immediately she fell off the horse and the man rode away.
Next morning the man came to the place but he found nothing, only a bunch of frog's croak and his own knife stuck

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Peggie Hehir
Kilmihil, Co. Clare