School: Cahermurphy, Cill Mhichíl (roll number 15327)

Cahermurphy, Co. Clare
Séamus Ó Laoighléis

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Stories about May Night and Other Nights and Superstitions of the Year

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0602, Page 169

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In this locality nearly all the farmers shut the doors of the cowhouses fearing their neighbours might come to the cows and milk them and take the butter from them for that year. On May morning all the people bring in a little bit of the blossom of the furze tree and they put it over the door and leave it there until that time again and then burn that and bring in a new bit. It should be brought in the first thing on May morning. People say it is to keep the Summer in for the year.

There is a custom here that when calves get a colic called the rúphar péist. All the calves inside is notted up and when the knot is made in on the calves back on the outside the pain would go.
They knot it made with a cord and when the knot is made the person catches

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Caitlín Ní Chonchubhair
Cahermurphy, Co. Clare