School: Burrane, Inis (roll number 13738)

Burrane Upper, Co. Clare
Mícheál Ó Tuama

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Burrane, Inis | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0600, Page 001a

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Burrane National School is situated in the above named Parish. The name "Killimer" is an Anglicised form of Killimy and is so styled by the old residents of the Parish and the surrounding Parishes still. The name was got from the Church of Church of Imy (St Imy) in Irish Cíll-Imí
St Imy was a sister of St Senan (whose life-sketch I propose to give in these pages at a later stage). She was born at Molougha in this Parish. Moylougha townland lies one mile due West from this School. The exact date of her birth is unknown but all accounts go to show that it occurred about the end of the Fifth Century. Her parents were a pious couple named Ercan and Congella (Father and mother respectively). Her grave is situated in the townland of Burrane (Please see Page 50) and a well in the same townland is also dedicated to her (Please see Page 51). Tradition tells us that after her death her body came floating on a Tombstone into Burrane townland but the natives would not at first take her in but on returning a second time they took her body in and buried her. It is said that St Imy was instrumentaly in converting many people in Burrane townland to the Catholic Faith.
The Parish of Killimer (Cíll-Imí) is bordered on the west by Kilrush Parish; on the north by Cooraclare Parish; on the east by Kilmurry-Mc Mahon Parish and the beautiful river Shannon forms its southern boundary. Knockerra (In Irish

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