School: Srónaill (Shronell) (roll number 15008)

Shronell, Co. Tipperary
Liam Ó Catháin

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Srónaill (Shronell) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0580, Page 214

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And he would become as good as himself. And not to come to him again because he was putting a black dog and a golden man to guard the treasure and there would be lights seen at night. After that there did three men come Tom Billie and Harry they were digging for the treasure and they were turned into pillars of gold.

About twenty years a man lived in Deerpark by the name of Michael O Dwyer and he was getting very old. And he was mad for reading. One day he he was reading a real live ghost story. And he went to bed. It was a fair morning and he was going to the fair and he got up and went out got the cattle ready for the fair and tied ribbons to their tails. He came in and he was getting the breakfast ready. He eat his breakfast and his feet were cold he took off his boots, and he had his boots off and warming his feet and his feet jumped into the fire and he was pulling out his feet when his head jumped out through the cealing, his right hand went through the back window and his left hand and body (and body) went to the fair and came

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John Nash
Deerpark, Co. Tipperary
Edmond Nash
Deerpark, Co. Tipperary