School: Tankerstown (roll number 15304)

Tankerstown, Co. Tipperary
Thom. F. Meagher

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Whorts (Fraocháin)

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0575, Page 382

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Whorts (Fraocáin)
In the woods that lie on the slopes of the Galtee mountain there is always a good supply of whorts.
Every summer people go out into the wood picking those whorts, this has been done for about two hundred years. They start picking on the twenty ninth of June and continue to the end of August. Pickers, consisting sometimes of the whole family, leave early in the morning for the wood, and after picking for some hours one of their number will light a fire and prepare some tea, which they all sit down and enjoy about midday.
Sometimes the fruit is plentiful and pickers have no difficulty in filling their cans but very often they are not so fortunate.
They often sing songs to lighten their work which is not always pleasant as in the warm July days flies are a torment and the pickers have to keep their heads covered with a cloth handkerchief steeped in Jeyes' Fluid to hunt them away.

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Alice Maxey
Cappauniac, Co. Tipperary