School: Tankerstown (roll number 15304)

Tankerstown, Co. Tipperary
Thom. F. Meagher

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A Ghost Train

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0575, Page 370

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A Ghost Train
Many years ago Mr. Michael Merrick saw something like a railway engine racing around the field of Ballygorteen and pouring out blazing cinders.
He was returning to his house just about night fall one autumn having driven some calves on to aftergrass.
On looking behind him he saw the engine of fire in the field in which he had left the calves.
Both he and his servant man who was with him got afraid and made for the house as quickly as they could.
on looking back they saw the ghost engine much nearer in the field they left. it was still running round and round the place and throwing out sparks and coming closer. on getting into the house they were very frightened and they did not see or hear the train any more.

Mary Ryan
Barnlough, Co. Tipperary