School: Tankerstown (roll number 15304)

Tankerstown, Co. Tipperary
Thom. F. Meagher

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0575, Page 368

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Through the wintry we find people living in caravans; these people we call Gypsies.

Through the country we find people living in caravans: these people we call Gypsies.
They travel in the caravans from one place to another stopping at each place for a day or two. They go from house to house asking for alms or selling little things. They generally keep to the main road.
Some of these people are foragers. They come from Italy and other countries. These foreigners are dark in appearance, they have dark complexions long dark eye lashes with crescent eye brows. They wear large ear rings and a coloured kerchief on their head.
These people sell small things such as shirt studs, tie pins, laces and holy pictures. They also tell fortunes if given money.
The other class live by asking form alms. These poor people have a very hard time in winter. They are very badly clad. Sometimes these Gypsies enter their vans, went cold and hungry after a day's travelling

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Annie Scott
Cappauniac, Co. Tipperary