School: Tankerstown (roll number 15304)

Tankerstown, Co. Tipperary
Thom. F. Meagher

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A Fire

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0575, Page 348

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A Fire
The burning took place on the night of the 10th January 1921. There was no sign of a fire at ten o'clock. About ten o'clock the servant maid who was in bed saw a great glare of light through her window and looking out saw the hay in flames. She immediately raised the alarm and came over to my father who was also in bed.
When he got to the fire he went to pull a cart which was in the barn but was driven back by the flames as there was a strong westerly wind blowing.
There was a small rick of straw at the west end of the hay and it was the straw that was fired first.
The fire could be seen for miles around as all the men and boys from Toureen and Cappa were on the scene at eleven o'clock but were powerless to do anything but to keep the hay pushed out with long poles and let it burn outside the barn.
It was all burned out about half past five in the morning.
The owner got £250 compensation but it did not cover his loss. It was generally thought at the time that it was the Black and Tans caused the fire as they were causing great trouble then.

James Heffernan
Barnlough, Co. Tipperary
Mr William Heffernan
Barnlough, Co. Tipperary