School: Ballyporeen (roll number 15134)

Ballyporeen, Co. Tipperary
L. Ó Conchubhair

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Ballyporeen | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0573, Page 312

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delight. It is also said that it is the sun shining through the clouds of rain as a warning from God that there world will never again be deluged.

When rain is near the sun is pale and the sky looks dark and cloudy. It is a great sign of rain when there is a big halo of light around the moon. When rain is near the clouds move very fast. There is a saying "a rainbow in the morning is a shepherd's warning a rainbow at night is a shepherd's delight. This means that if there is a rainbow in the morning it is a shepherd's warning of rain. When the south west winds blow they bring rain. When sea gulls are seen about some say it is a coming storm.

James Wall
Lisfunshion, Co. Tipperary

People say that when the sun goes down red that it is a sign that the following day will be fine. When the sun sets with rays from it which are known as Moses horns it is a sign of rain. When a large ring is seen around the moon it is a sign of rain. When the sky is covered early in the night it is sure that there is frost about and it is a sign of rain. When the clouds are big and black it is a sign of rain. If a rainbow spans the sky in the morning it is a sign of rain before evening.