School: Ballyporeen (roll number 15134)

Ballyporeen, Co. Tipperary
L. Ó Conchubhair

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Ballyporeen | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0573, Page 288

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and offered him one hundred pounds to dive. He did so but he was not long below when he returned saying he saw something like a pile of wheels built on top of one another. They offered him another hundred pounds to dive again and examine this phenomenon. He did so but never returned. People say it was Saint Patrick who put this snake-like creature into the lake.

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In olden times the people used to believe in piseoga or fairy magis.

In olden times the people used to believe in piséoga or fairy magic. It was the old custom that on May Day the people would not lend anything on that day, especially giving away milk for they believed that the profit of the year was taken by the person who got the milk and in some cases the butter would be stuck on parts of gates and posts where the person was supposed to have passed. It was a custom also never to lend a pipe or give a light on this day or that if you did you would be short for the year. It is still the custom to shake the Easter water on the lands houses and animals as a protection against piséoga.

Seán de Bhál
Lisfunshion, Co. Tipperary

There is a place just below the Rock and it is said that an innocent man was killed there. There were two

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