School: Sceichín an Rince, Cloichín an Mhargaidh

Skeheenaranky, Co. Tipperary
Domhnall Ua Cathasaigh

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Sceichín an Rince, Cloichín an Mhargaidh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0573, Page 177

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Lios Ard Glathair is the leading lios in Ireland because it can be seen from every other Lios. It is about twenty feet higher than the field around it. It is said that there is a castle underneath it, and the chimney is still there, but it is covered with soil. The Danes used to live in the Castle.

There is a Lios near James Foxe's Cross in Loughananna in the parish of Kilbehenny. Mr Buckley told his men to cut the trees in the lios. They would not cut them. A Scots man was also working there and he said "Is it afraid to cut it ye are". The men said "Let you cut the first bush and we will continue." He cut it and he began to eat his shoulder. One of the work-men named Bill Fitzgerald of Coolagoranroe went for the priest. The priest came and after a while he got alright. He did not stay longer than a week in Ireland.

Michael Slattery
Kiltankin, Co. Tipperary

There is a Lios in Curtains ground, and James

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