School: Sceichín an Rince, Cloichín an Mhargaidh

Skeheenaranky, Co. Tipperary
Domhnall Ua Cathasaigh

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Sceichín an Rince, Cloichín an Mhargaidh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0573, Page 172

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One night a girl was coming home from a dance. It was the middle of the night. When she was coming near her own house she saw something white at a distance. She walked on until she came to her own gate. She looked back and she saw the white object jumping over a ditch. "It is a ghost" she said, and she fell on the road in fear and when she arose again the ghost was gone.

A few years ago it happened that some neighbours wanted a house over near "Toor Cross" on the road to Burncourt. This house is called McCullip's. It is uninhabited for years. They argued over it for some time, so at length, one man made up his mind to remain in the house all night.
At midnight that night, he heard a quaint noise, and on entering the house, immediately there appeared a calf drawing a little cart.
He got an awful fright,

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William Walshe
Coolagarranroe, Co. Tipperary