School: An Churrach (Crogh), Árd Fhionáin (roll number 7911)

Curragh, Co. Tipperary
Mícheál Ó Dubhshláine

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0572, Page 358

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There was a king there long ago, and he had three sons.......

There was a king there long ago and he had three sons and when he was dying he had nothing to leave them but a big tree that was growing in the lawn. He called his eldest son and he said to him. I,m leaving you all that isover gtound and under ground. Then he called his second eldest son and said to him that he could have all that was crooked and straight and he called his youngest son and said to him that he could have all that is green and withered of the tree. when the father died the eldest son went out and was cutting down the tree when the second son went out he saw his brother cutting down the tree he went down to him and hit him a blow in the chin that he tumbled him up side down. When he got up he rushed at his younger brother and the two of them fought like two wild cats. When the younger brother heard the tallyho he went out and when he saw his two brothers fighting for the tree he went down and said that the tree was his. But the two older brothers said that their father left the tree to the two of them. So the three of them stuck in

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