School: An Churrach (Crogh), Árd Fhionáin (roll number 7911)

Curragh, Co. Tipperary
Mícheál Ó Dubhshláine

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Hidden Treasure

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0572, Page 310

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Hidden Treasure.
Lady's Abbey is a ruin situated about 2 miles from ardfinnan. It belonged to the Cistercan Order of Monks. It is said that when the Elizabethian soldiers were heard of in Waterford all the Sacred Vessels and Vestments were taken and buried - 20 ft from the Monastery Wall, but on which side it is not known. They are supposed to have been covered first with a harrow.
There is a legend connected with this Abbey that anyone buried there will only be in Purgatory until the following Saturday night. This is how the legend arose. A Lady from Cork named Sarah Maguire was dying and she dreamt of a Lady's Abbey and it was supposed to be shown to her in a dream that if she was buried there she would only be in Purgatory until the following Saturday night. Her people had never heard of a Lady's Abbey and searched everywhere until they discovered this old Monastery near Ardfinnan. When she

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Mrs T. Everard
Garryduff, Co. Tipperary