School: An Caisleán Nua (C.), Cluain Meala (roll number 9250)

Newcastle, Co. Tipperary
Siobhán Ní Chochláin

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Bia na Seanaimsire

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0571, Page 372

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Biadh na Sean-Aimsire.
Long ago people ate three meals every day. Before the breakfast which took place at about seven or eight o'clock the men went out working cutting the harvest or digging potatoes. The harvest was cut by means of a hook then. After two or three hours work they had their breakfast which consisted of potatoes when they were to be had or oaten meal porridge. Tor the dinner they had potatoes, sour milk and griddle cakes. Sometimes they had cruds and whey too for the dinner. This was made from "beestins" which was boiled in a big pot and a few quarts of water and some salt were added to it. While boiling the"beestins" was kept stirred because it might get burned if proper care was not taken of it. They had potatoes and sour milk for the tea also, but after the Boer War everybody around this place had tea for that meal. From tin quarts and pints this tea was drunk. The table was placed at the side of the wall before the meals. Long ago the table was fixed to the wall, in such a way that you could raise it up and down whenever you wished. It had only one leg supporting it and also a board which was

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Mrs Shortiss
Newcastle, Co. Tipperary