School: Ardfinnan (B.), Cahir (roll number 16077)

Ardfinnan, Co. Tipperary
W. J. Nugent

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St Patrick's Cross

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0571, Page 197

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St Patricks cross was worn by the children long ago on St Patricks Day. They were made in the schools the day before. Each child brought an egg to the school which was used for colouring the cross, the yoke of the egg was used for colouring the part, and the green part was coloured with the juice of some plant.
When the badges were made any egg which was left over were sold, and sweets bought for the children.
Along with the badges the children wore shamrock, men also wore shamrock in their caps from St. Patricks Day till Palm Sunday then they wore Palm instead.