School: Cill Chais, Cluain Meala (roll number 596)

Kilcash, Co. Tipperary
Pádraig Ó Dubhghail

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Bone-Setting - Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0568, Page 275

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There is a family living in Glenaskaugh a few miles from Kilcash on the side of Slievenanion caled Bolger. William Bolger who is still alive but now over 80 years of age is famed as a bone-setter, and is well known all over this part of the country. He has done wonderful cures in his time and even still does some work in setting broken bones. Cases which have failed the doctors he had been known to cure, even to go so far as to break badly set bones to get them right again. There was no breath that he had not the courage to fix and it is unheard of to have a case go against him. He had no training of any kind as he is a small farmer, but his name became so well known that it is said he has some certificates in Anatomy and so was allowed to charge his patients. The usual payment from most people around was whisky. William is also a great fiddler. His family have inherited the gift to a small extent - one daughter and one sone, but neither will ever be as good as the father.

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C. Ní Mhainnín